Marketing for CEOs Covers Three Important Areas:

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Frameworks

Customer Lifetime Value

Measuring ROI

Evaluating Success


What Sits in Marketing

Hiring a Future-Proof CMO

Marketing vs. IT

In-house vs. outsourced



Eliminating Waste


Getting Started


Major Opportunities and Threats Facing Marketers

Many chief executives lack the understanding they need to make critical decisions about marketing technologies and strategies... and the people who implement them. Marketing for CEOs takes leaders on a trip through the world of marketing:

What customer lifetime value is and why you should care

What parts of old school marketing still work

What organizations should outsource…and what they never should

A fresh iterative process for creating and testing media

Strategies for finding and crushing inefficiencies

When to fire your CMO...and how to hire a new one

The CEO's role as "brand steward”

Is it time for you to fire your CMO? Yes? No? Maybe? Read Marketing for CEOs, now.

Coming Together

Bridging the CMO-CIO chasm

By 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than do CIOs. That might not be a bad thing. According to CEB’s “Marketing Investments Benchmarks” report, CMOs spend only 10% of their functional budget on IT, but devote more of that spending to IT innovation than the IT department does. So more CMO IT spending might actually lead to greater innovation in IT.

As technology becomes a bigger player in sales, CMOs are relying on different players to help them understand networks, software, and all the rest. According to a recent Gartner Digital marketing Spending Survey, 70% of companies have a chief marketing technologist—an expert in marketing communications tech—on the payroll. A full 80% of CMTs report to marketing, not to IT.



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